The WSSA received accreditation from the South African Police Services (SAPS) on the 13th August 2010.
The WSSA is now able to award dedicated status to members that comply with the WSSA's requirements for dedicated status.
The Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000 and regulations, as amended, has provided for a class of persons that are referred to as dedicated sports persons. The Act stipulates that for a person to become a dedicated sports person, this person must be a member of an accredited sports shooting organisation and complete the relevant training course and comply with the criteria as laid down by the sports shooting organisation for the granting of dedicated status.
Furthermore, the WSSA must maintain accurate records of all its members participating in the shooting sport as well as ensuring that all members are qualified and have attended sufficient training, which training complies with the provisions of the South African Qualifications Authority Act 1995 (SAQA) read with the Skills Development Act 1998 and regulations annexed thereto.
For a member to be granted dedicated status and remain a dedicated sports person, a member has to be a person in good standing with the WSSA and actively participate on a regular basis at WSSA sanctioned shoots.
The WSSA has to continually evaluate its members to enable the said members to maintain their dedicated status and the WSSA keeps up to date records of its member's participation in the sport and details pertaining to each member.
The WSSA must on an annual basis and before the 31st December of each year submit a report to the Central Firearms Control Register containing names and details of those members who are entitled to dedicated status.
It is thus extremely important that all members maintain their dedicated status and actively participate on an annual basis, failing which dedicated status shall be withdrawn and the SAPS have advised that they will act against the member concerned, if this had to occur.
The WSSA grants dedicated status based on the following requirements:
1.The member must not be less than 18 years of age, or in the event of a junior shooter, an exemption may be granted on special merit.
2.The member must have an entry level to learning Grade 8 or proven ability to read and write English effectively.
3.The member must not be declared unfit to possess a firearm in terms of the provisions of the Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000 and of the regulations.
4.The member has to be a paid up member of the WSSA and be in good standing with no disciplinary actions taken or pending against the member and must comply with the WSSA code of conduct.
5.The member must also be a Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) member.

Active Participation:
1.For a member to acquire dedicated sports person status, requires active participation.
2.For each WSSA sanctioned shoot the member attends, the member will be awarded 4 points and once the member has accumulated 20 point in total within the year, then in that event, the member may make application to the Executive Committee of the WSSA for dedicated sports person status.
3.Even though the member may be granted dedicated sportsperson status, does not necessarily mean that the said status is granted for life.

4.Each member who has been previously granted dedicated status shall have to continue to actively and regularly participate in WSSA sanctioned shoots to maintain his/her dedicated sports person status.

5.At the end of each year an amount of 20 points shall be deducted from each member's points accumulated during the previous year and if the member does not have the requisite number of points, the dedicated sports person status shall be revoked.

6.Thus, it is up to each and every member to maintain their dedicated sports person status by continuing to actively and regularly participate in club shoots and maintaining at least 20 points per annum.

7.The members have points allocated on the following basis:

a.Club Shoots (4 points)
b.League Shoots (6 points)
c.International Shoots (10 points)

8.Range Officers/ Safety Officers shall be allocated additional points on the following basis:

a.Club Shoots (1 point)
b.League Shoots (2 points)
c.International Shoots (4 points)

9.As indicated above on the 1st January of each and every year, a member shall have deducted the amount of 20 points from his/her points accumulated during the previous year.

10.All members must ensure that they maintain the minimum points level to keep their dedicated sports person status.


1.The member to supply their full names, identity number and contact details.

2.The member to supply residential address and not their postal address.

3.The member to supply his/her SASS number and any other relevant affiliated club details.

4.The member to supply the dates of shooting matches and points earned.

5.The member to include a short motivation as to why he/she requests a dedicated sports person status certificate and may include previous bona fide sports person status certificates for motivation.

6.The member must personally submit the application and try to submit same on one page if at all possible.

7.Application by the member will be considered at the next sitting of the Executive Committee which is normally held once a month.

8.The Executive Committee shall minute approvals of these applications at every Executive Committee meeting, where after the applicant will receive confirmation of the granting of the status.

9.The application must be forwarded to the Secretary, damian@legalonline.co.za.

The Executive Committee