Western Territory Rangers

"The Law West of Bredasdorp"

Western Territory Rangers is the dedicated Cowboy Action Shooting club for Cape Town and surrounding areas. An affiliate to Western Shooters of South Africa, the Western Territory Rangers has in fact developed from the original nucleus of Cowboy Action shooters in the Western Cape. After Western Shooters of South Africa gained accreditation as a sports shooting organization by the police the club had to find a new name.

Historically, when new areas were opened for settlement in the "Wild West", they were declared territories and often the lawless elements needed to be controlled in order to eventually gain statehood. Commonly, the organizations tasked to eradicate lawlessness were called Rangers. There were Texas Rangers, Arizona Rangers, etc. And now there are the Western Territory Rangers.

We fight bandits, horse thieves and hostile braves in the form of steel targets and falling plates every third Saturday of each month at the False Bay Gun Club. Action starts at about 9H30 and by lunch time we take a well deserved break from our "crime fighting" duties for a bite to eat. Everybody brings his own chuck wagon and afterwards we shoot some more. There may be additional shooting dates. Please contact us to find out when.

Visitors are always welcome and we generally go out of our way to explain, advise and demonstrate to all interested people. Please note that everyone on the shooting range (even visitors and spectators) have to wear ear and eye protection at all times. All range rules and Range Officer commands must be strictly adhered to.

You can contact us under:

Graeme: 083 – 301 89 85
Robert: 083 - 355 77 53

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